Programme V - Water and Sewerage Programme in Medium-Sized Municipalities in Serbia - Phase 1 and 2

Consulting Services for Phase 1 (Preparation) and Phase 2 (Implementation of Investment Measures)




Consulting budget



Phase 1: 05/2014 - 01/2016

Phase 2: 07/2017 - 12/2023

KfW Development Bank (Germany)

Phase 1: EUR 2,630,000

Phase 2: EUR 4,000,000

SETEC Engineering (Austria)

Ehting (Serbia)

IWA Consalt (Serbia)

Vojvodinaprojekt (Serbia)

Programme objectives are continuity of water supply to all customer, water quality in line with WHO standards, NRW reduction, reduction for the energy consumption, improvement of Operation & Maintenance, tariff revenues cover operation and maintenance costs and Loan service, improvement of collection efficiency

Phase 1

Services A:  Engineering Works (Verification of all existing maps & preparation of GIS maps, Identification of Non-Revenue Water, Service Sector Identification, night flow measurements, Hydraulic Network Calculations, Training on Leak Detection in Pilot Areas, Potential Energy Savings, Review of Investment Projects for Municipalities for Phase 2)


Services B: Institutional Management Support – Phase 1 (Verify Eligibility to participate in Phase 1, Improvement of Commercial Procedures, Development of Tariff Adjustment Plan, Rough estimation of Completeness of Assets, Introduction of Management Information System, Public Awareness & Customer Relationship, Assistance in Organization & Human Resource Development, Legal Aspects)


Phase 2

Services A: Engineering Works – Phase 2 (Review of Phase 2 Investment Measures identified in Phase 1, Implementation of Non-Revenue Water Action Plan incl. District Metering, Preparation of Design – Review of Existing Design, Follow up on permits, Preparation of Tender Documents FIDIC Red book, FIDIC Yellow Book for WTP, Bidding Assistance – Evaluation of Tenders, Assistance in Contract Negotiation, Reception of Equipment and Material and Supervision of Works, Assistance during the defect liability period, Administration of Disposition Fund and Payment Requests)


Services B: Institutional Management Support (Verify, update and improve customer database, Improve commercial procedures, Update tariff adjustment plans, Asset Valuation, Monthly update, Development and Application of MIS, Development and Application of Business Planning, Legal Aspects, Performance Monitoring and Benchmarking, Public awareness and customer relationship, Technical assistance in organization and human resource development, Technical assistance and know-how transfer to MCTI, Elaboration and implementation of an Operation and Maintenance concept, Elaborate and implement a procedure for loan repayment)