Programme III - Water and Sewerage Programme in Medium-Sized Municipalities in Serbia, Programme III – Wastewater

Consulting Services for the Implementation of Phase 2 of the Programme III




Consulting budget



2013 - 12/2020 (HP Gauff)

03/2020 – 07/2021

KfW Development Bank (Germany)

EUR 6,900,000

2013-03/2020 – Fichtner (Germany), SETEC Engineering (Austria)

03/2020 – 07/2021 SETEC Engineering (Austria)

The objective of the programme is to collect and treat wastewater from the area of the cities of Kruševac and Vranje, to protect the environment and improve water quality in the rivers West Morava/ South Morava, at socially acceptable rates.

Total population: 210,000

Total sewerage network: 338 km


  • Detailed planning, tendering and construction supervision for sewage treatment plants with digestion 90.000 / 70.000 PE including solar drying of sludge.
  • 83 km of sewer network renewal/rehabilitation.
  • Institutional consulting and development.