About us

SETEC E&C d.o.o. was founded 2008 in Belgrade, Serbia. Its founder is the consulting company SETEC Engineering GmbH based in Klagenfurt, Austria with more than 30 years of experience in supporting its clients around the world in ensuring sustainable water supply.


Since its establishment, SETEC E&C has participated with its founding company in the realization of large internationally financed projects related to the improvement of water supply and the collection and treatment of waste water.


The company SETEC E&C independently participates in the local and regional market, mainly providing design services, GIS implementation and the JAT (Job Administration Tool) tool that it developed independently, which serves for the administration of work orders and jobs in water supply and sewage systems, as well as services of flow and pressure measurements and leak detection on the water supply network and loss analysis.


The company also provides training services for the application of GIS and JAT to employees of public utilities for water supply and sewerage, as well as training services for the use of leak detection equipment.


Our engineers are here to provide the best possible advice and technical expertise.

Our team


Michael Maier


Milja Jokanović-Maier

Ana Aleksić

Planning/ Designing/ Hydraulic modelling

Vojislav Marinković

Jelena Lović

Andrija Nedeljković

Bojan Radović

Implementation of GIS/JAT in Water Supply and Sewerage Systems

Dušan Tomić

Marko Gaborović

Leak Detection/ Water loss analysis

Goran Mihajlović

Institutional support

Danijela Stojkovac